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Headlight Restoration in Houston, TX

Your vehicle's headlights are a vital safety component of your car as they help you see when you drive at night or through bad weather. In fact, they also serve to help other drivers and pedestrians see you. Over time, it is natural for your vehicle's headlights to become cloudy, foggy, or yellowed; however, you must treat them as soon as you recognize the problem. When your headlights become dull, they will be significantly dimmer and make it nearly impossible for you to see the road ahead. Fortunately, the team at Monkey Mug Performance can provide you with quality headlight restoration in Houston, TX.

At Monkey Mug Performance, our ASE-certified technicians have the necessary skills, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to treat your headlights. We can restore your headlights, no matter what make or model vehicle you have. So, how do you know when to take your vehicle to our shop for light repair? Look out for the following symptoms:

  • Scuffs/Scratches
  • Haziness/Fogginess
  • Dull or Yellow Appearance
  • Difficulty Seeing When Driving

Today, most headlights are made of polycarbonate as opposed to glass. The material is tougher than glass, but its downside is that it is prone to discoloration—from oxidation, road debris, and wear and tear. Your lights will need more than soap and water to remove the dull appearance. At our shop, your headlights will be cleaned, buffed, and polished, inside and out, using the industry's best supplies. Our technicians are professionally suited for the job, and we are committed to making your headlights look shiny and new again.

Monkey Mug Performance has been a trusted choice for automotive services for years. Our family-owned and operated auto repair shop has proudly provided reliable and quality auto repair services in the area since 2013.

If you need a headlight restoration in Houston, TX, we welcome you to give us a call, visit, or ,schedule an appointment online with us today.

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