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Nitrogen for Tires - Now Available at MMP!

Nitrogen for Tires - Now Available at MMP!

MMP is glad to announce: we have nitrogen! You are probably thinking (and yes we can hear you): “Nitrogen? Whaaaaaat?” You probably didn’t even know nitrogen could be used anywhere on a car, right? Well there is a growing trend out there among the more discerning to use nitrogen to inflate car and truck tires instead of just plain air. Why? Check out these main key benefits: Better fuel efficiency - maintaining the correct tire pressure ensures better contact with the road and improves your gas mileage. Studies have shown about a 3% improvement Extended tire life - with less oxidation (due to the lack of oxygen) occurring, there's less damage to inner liners and rims. In the long run, you'll buy fewer tires! Increased safety - Air is constantly escaping from tires. With nitrogen in your tires, they'll maintain proper pressure longer. Tires that are properly inflated reduce blowouts and help your v ... read more




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