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Nitrogen for Tires - Now Available at MMP!

MMP is glad to announce: we have nitrogen!

You are probably thinking (and yes we can hear you): “Nitrogen? Whaaaaaat?” You probably didn’t even know nitrogen could be used anywhere on a car, right? Well there is a growing trend out there among the more discerning to use nitrogen to inflate car and truck tires instead of just plain air. Why? Check out these main key benefits:

  • Better fuel efficiency - maintaining the correct tire pressure ensures better contact with the road and improves your gas mileage. Studies have shown about a 3% improvement
  • Extended tire life - with less oxidation (due to the lack of oxygen) occurring, there's less damage to inner liners and rims. In the long run, you'll buy fewer tires!
  • Increased safety - Air is constantly escaping from tires. With nitrogen in your tires, they'll maintain proper pressure longer. Tires that are properly inflated reduce blowouts and help your vehicle's handling, enabling you to respond quickly to changing road conditions and situations

nitrogen for tires

What’s the reasoning behind those bold claims especially since the air we put in our car tires is already mostly nitrogen?

Plain Air is composed of:

  • 1% Water Vapor and Other Gases – Escapes up to 250 times faster than Nitrogen
  • 21% Oxygen – Escapes 3-4 times faster than Nitrogen
  • 78% Nitrogen – The largest molecule in air, dry, non-flammable.

Because of their large size, nitrogen molecules are the least permeable and stay in your tire longer. The problem with regular air, and the reason it is such a poor inflation medium for tires, is that it also contains about 20% oxygen.

By reducing the percentage of oxygen, water vapor and other gases in your tires from 22% to 7% or lower, your tires will maintain proper pressure longer than if you use “plain old air.” For example, with 95% nitrogen in your tires, they retain optimal pressure three to four times longer. If you are one of the 85% of Americans who don't regularly check your tire pressure, you'll want nitrogen!

Proper tire pressure is actually a pretty big deal. The right tire pressure can be better maintained with nitrogen. Come and get it!

For more information on using nitrogen in tires see: http://www.getnitrogen.org/

To add nitrogen to your car's tires, schedule an appointment with Monkey Mug Performance today!

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